Your Own Private Railroad Car - File Storage

We can set you up with your very own file storage car (folder) on the Internet on the Poem Train server! And, yes, like all the other perks at Poem Train, IT IS FREE! Read the details below. As I have said in all these explanations of the perks, there is a lot to read initially but I want to be sure you understand the benefits and the details.

1) In order for us to provide you with your very own car (folder) for file storage, you must have minimum of 100 posts in the forums in Cafe Poetica. These posts may be of any type such as a poem posted, comments, critiques, etc. The number of your posts is automatically updated each time you post and can be viewed beneath your name. Before you reach 100 posts, we can also provide you with free storage space in public/general folder and then when you reach 100 posts we will move your files to your new private folder.

2) What can you store in your folder? (a) JPEG - Graphic Files, (b) MP3 - Audio Files or (c) Data text or MS Word documents. With regard to MP3 storage, only those audio files that you will be placing in Poem Train threads can be stored. We cannot really allow you to upload your entire MP3 collection --- obviously. There is NO LIMIT as to how many files you store in your car so long as any files larger than 1 megabyte are used to be "called" into a thread at Poem Train. That stipulation is only there so that large audio or video files don't overload the storage capacity. We reserve the right to limit you if you go over 1 gigabyte of storage though we will try to keep it at unlimited. You will always be warned if you are getting close to that threshold (which I doubt you will reach) so do not fear any of your data will ever be purged by us.

3) When you have your very OWN storage car (folder), you will be given (a) a password that will only work with YOUR car (folder) for accessing, uploading, or downloading files. No one else except the PoemTrain Steward (Norm - Normpo) can access your folder so never give your username or password to anyone.

4) You will be given very simple and easy-to-use instructions for managing your car (folder) vis-a-vis uploading and downloading files.

5) You will be given very simple and easy-to-use instructions for placing your pictures, graphics and audios into your threads at Cafe Poetica -- it is quite easy.

6) IMPORTANT: NEITHER POEM TRAIN NOR NORMAN POLLACK IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SECURITY OR SAFETY OF THESE FILES. This is very important. Do not think of this file storage as a guaranteed backup of your files. It certainly is an additional way (as insurance) to have your important files off-site and somewhere else in case you lose them on your own computer. All your files WILL be backed up at least once a month when we do our monthly FULL SITE BACKUP. (They will NOT be backed up with our weekly incremental backups which only backup all of Cafe Poetica Forum data). I can tell you that there is 99% CHANCE YOUR DATA WILL NEVER BE LOST --- BUT I CANNOT GUARANTEE IT. You should use your car (folder) as a way to be able to include pics and audio files into your threads and also have the additional well-being that it is 99% secure somewhere else. For your information, the once-a-month backup that will always include your car files is mailed off MY site to another Ambassador so you can see why I can comfortably say your files are 99% SAFE. They are "up there" on the POem Train site, they are backed up to my computer (and onto an external hard drive in case MY computer goes down) and they get sent to an Ambassador on disk once a month.

If you are interested in trying it out, let me or one of the Ambassadors know about it and within 48 hours we can have you set up and ready to go.

Norm (Normpo)

Your Poem Train Steward